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Reference list 2014

Leppäkosken Sähkö Oy, Finland
Projecting of a new 68MW power boiler, BFB technology. Invitation to tender and negotiations
VÄO II, Auragen Ltd, EstoniaNew CHP plant. Invitation to tender and negotiations with supplier
Tammervoima Oy, Finland
Project Management, Procurement services and OE in new Waste to Energy Project in Tampere
Rovaniemen Energia Oy, Finland
Project Management of New Flue Gas Condensing unit and increase of boiler capacity in existing CFB power plant
Tampeeren Energiatuotanto Oy, Finland
Project Manager of a new flue gas condending plant
Kotka Energia Oy, Finland
Dimensioning of construction changes and capasity increase of existing Waste to Energy boiler
Stora Enso Hylte Ab, Sweden
Stydy of usage of new fuel of existing BFB and CFB boilers
Enefit, Eesti Energia, Estonia
Trouble shooting
Altia Oy, Finland
Design and engineering of improvement of CFB boiler's fuel feeding system. Invitation to tender  and negotiations

Adven Oy, Finland
OE (procurement and supervising) solid fuel small scale boiler projects.
Fortum Power and Heat Oy Naantali Power Plant, Finland
Projecting of SCR system to existing coal fired boiler 320MW

Mälarenergi AB, Sweden Examiner at capacity test of fuel handling to CFB waste boiler
Eskilstuna Strängnäs
Energi & Miljö AB, Sweden

Owners Project Manager for 110 MW boiler to new CHP Plant

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